How to download the full album

*Please note, you cannot download full albums onto phones. You must download it onto a computer.* 

1. When you first open up the link it will come to the home page. You can look through all the photos, enjoy them and share them with friends and family.

2. When you are ready to download just click the little arrow icon at the top of your gallery. 

3. Once you have hit this button it will prompt you to fill in your email. Enter the email you would like your download link to go to. Be sure there is no spelling errors.

4. Once you have entered your email address you will see a page that allows you to select which size of photo you would like to download.

5. There are two choices. Web Size and Original. Web size is perfect for sharing on social media as they have already been cropped to the right dimensions. Original allows you to download the full hi-res version of your photos. Please use the original files to print.

6. Once you have chosen what albums and size files you would like, you hit “Start Download” and you will be prompted with a page to let you know that the download is in process.

7. You will receive an email that will take you to the download page.

8. Click on the link in your email to download.

9. A ZIP file should copy into your download folder.

10. Double click the ZIP file and it will bring up the folder of images. I like to drag that folder onto my desktop or onto my flash drive so that it is saved somewhere other than my Downloads folder. If you are downloading onto a PC, you will need to right click and unzip the folder. If you are downloading onto a MAC, it will unzip it for you. 

11. I would rename the file so its easy for you to find. Once you have saved the photos onto your desktop or flash drive, they are now on your computer and you don’t need to use Pixieset again to access the files unless you want to. (I recommend you make sure you save them in at last two places e.g. one on your computer and another on a separate storage device such as a USB stick or external hard drive for safekeeping. I will keep your files for 1 year and then archive or delete them, so please be careful with your files.)